Mr. William "Bill" Hylton of APH Construction has worked for me at different locations for more than thirteen years (13). He is a serious and dedicated worker. A person who takes pride in his work.

Mr. Hylton's work is always neat and he leaves the job site CLEAN.
Mr. Hylton's reliability and integrity are above question.

I highly recommend Mr. Hylton as a contractor.

- Opal Hughes Watkins


How APH Construction Remodeled our 1949 Home

For those of you who are not familiar with a 1950 home, you should know that the initial construction is sound inside and outside (brick) with extensive wood moldings on windowsills and doors, all around wood floors, steps, and fireplace and with numerous doors (this house has 18 doors inside and 23 windows).  The reason I mention this is to give you some idea what it means to have re-modeling and painting done in this old house.  Below are some descriptions of the outstanding work that Mr. William Hylton and his company, APH Construction has done for us.

Kitchen Remodeling

The original kitchen (1949) was in existence when APH Construction arrived for re-modeling in 1995.  We wanted a complete new kitchen which meant total reconstruction and re-arrangement.  This involved taking out of all of the appliances and replacing it with new, tearing out the plaster ceiling, replacing it with special lighting, building additional walls, adding and replacing new cabinets,  and putting in a new ceramic tile floor.  I must say that we were nervous but had complete confidence in Mr. Hylton and his construction team.  What gave us the confidence is that the APH Construction proposal was well written and flexible, meetings were held prior to each phase of the job.  In addition, if changes were made by us or APH Construction for any reason, price and material changes were discussed in advance.  As you can pretty much guess, I was completely happy with my new kitchen so much so, that I had a open house to show off this fabulous work and engaged others who were interested to contact APH Construction.

Bathroom Upgrade

For those of you who have not had this experience, it’s nothing like having to use an old bathroom with dilapidated sinks and toilets and showers and floors that have seen their best days.  As a result we contacted APH Construction to help us out.  We have three bathrooms, one in the master bedroom and one full bathroom upstairs and a half bathroom on the first level.  APH Construction did an outstanding job by bringing our bathrooms up-to-date by installing pedals sinks with beautiful hardware, replacement toilets, new ceramic tile floor, painted walls and ceilings.  Several years later, our shower floor in the master bedroom started leaking into the kitchen.  This meant having to tear out the shower ceramic floor and replace it and the kitchen ceiling. Working in a small shower area is a messy job requiring cutting through tile, containing dusts, and keeping the areas clean from the constructed area all the way down the steps and out with equipment and trash. I must say I was very impressed with Mr. Hylton  and APH construction based on the amount of work that had to be done, successfully limiting the disruption in other areas and the sensitivity of keeping the areas as clean as possible.   Thanks to APH Construction for serving us again.

Redesigned Porch and Deck 

A creative mind and special skills are necessary when you want to turn a porch (painted concrete floor, half wood walls, metal and glass hand roll-out windows, a storm door and eight steps to reach the outside) attached to a 1949 home into a sun room and a new model deck .  That’s exactly what happened when I contacted APH Construction.  First, we provided some ideas about what I would like to have done and Mr. Hylton and APH Construction did the rest.  We watched as the old porch was eliminated, nothing remaining except the top and bottom.  Then construction started with a new roof, insulated walls, surround tall glass windows, carpeted floor, and a sliding glass door leading to the most wonderful maintenance-free desk we had even seen.  We were overwhelmed by this new environment which has added more living space to our home.  To this day, this construction has been our pride and joy and to all who visit.  Thanks to APH Construction for bringing their talent and skills to our home.

Ceiling Upgrades

Living in an old home is wonderful, like most things age has a way of showing up through cracks and waves particularly with ceilings that were plastered (method of construction in the earlier years).  First you look and think okay, I can live with this, then you see more cracks and later you think what if these cracks come together and the ceiling fall out?   As you can imagine, this situation starts to disrupt the image you have for your home, so we called APH Construction.  What we learned was there is often not the quick solution, fix cracks and paint over them—they always return.  Plaster ceilings often require more work—replacement.    This is a very detailed process that APH Construction has mastered with their work in ceiling replacement.  They have replaced four separate ceilings that are absolutely beautiful and have eliminated our worry in the future—it’s like having “ceiling cosmetic surgery”.   Thanks APH Construction, we are telling everyone about how you gave our ceilings new life.

Finishing and Painting Walls

Keeping your home looking fresh and up-to-date can be achieved through a fresh coat of paint, so we thought.  This is not always the case, particularly if you have an older home that have gone through many coats of paint (some with colors) and have had patched-up cracks that have cracked again and again. We called APH Construction to the rescue.  They came and plastered the cracks, sand and smoothed out those rough areas before the painting start.  They were creative in assisting with the selection of the right type of the paint and colors to make the rooms look professional and beautiful.  Thanks to APH Construction, we feel like we are in a new home looking at these wonderful walls with all of that detailed work with its wonderful finishes.

- Marvin & Hilda

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